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Amanda Olinger Received Teacher of Distinction Award

May 1st, 2017 | By | Category: Lead Article

Dear Superintendent Holbeck:

On Behalf of the College Board, we wanted to share some exciting news with you. This week, we recognized Amanda Olinger of Harrisburg North Middle School as a SpringBoard Teacher of Distinction! Mrs. Olinger went through a very rigorous application process where she demonstrated effective teaching practices and successful implementation of SpringBoard in the classroom. Her commitment to student learning and the unique blend of excitement and challenge in the classroom was very evident from the application. We are honored to recognize Mrs. Olinger for being the best in the profession and exemplifying teaching excellence. It is clear that her work is helping to further your mission and provide every student with the opportunity to become an effective citizen within the school and community.

As part of this recognition, Mrs. Olinger will become a member of the SpringBoard teacher advisory council. She will have the opportunity to review new materials, participate in pilot opportunities, and attend the SpringBoard Pre-Conference and AP Annual Conference. We look forward to working with Mrs. Olinger through the year and hope that you will also take advantage of her expertise to support instructional goals in your district. It is apparent that Mrs. Olinger is a leader among both teachers and students in her school. It was noted that Ms. Olinger is a “compassionate and innovative educator, as well as a compelling leader both for her team and within the school; and gives students an opportunity to be a collaborative member of their own educational journey.”

Throughout the application, Mrs. Olinger referenced leadership support and the strong school culture as key to her success. This speaks volumes to your commitment to teaching excellence and student success. We’re honored to be working with your district and look forward to working together to enhance the educational opportunities for all of your students.

Best Regards,

David Coleman President and CEO The College Board