Wednesday, March 29


Good morning North Middle School students and staff!
Please stand and join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Today is an “A” day



THE DINER/ LINE A       grilled cheese and tomato soup

THE GRILL/LINE B sweet & sassy BBQ sandwich
EXPRESS chicken strips

THE PIZZERIA   French bread pizza

VEGETABLE           steamed broccoli


General Announcements:

  • Students, you will not be able to have cell phones, devices, or smart watches while taking the Smarter Balanced tests in April. Advisory teachers have a door hanger for you to practice storing these items so on test day it will be a smooth process. Thanks for your cooperation.
  • The lost and found table is beyond full. Please take what belongs to you. Items will be gone after this Friday.
  • Cooking Club is cancelled for this week.
  • FCA leadership meeting during 8th period DS in office conference room.
  • There are new Prizes of the Week in the commons bulletin board. Trade your PBIS points for tickets and enter the drawing in the office. Winners will be drawn during 8th period Friday.
  • Please turn in lunch money and morning hall passes to the office this morning.


Happy Birthday to Storm King and Isabella Creviston!


Thought of the day:

Be careful with your words. They can only be forgiven, not forgotten.