We are thrilled to announce HHS Competitive Cheer  Coach, Eve Langerock, has been named the 2023 South Dakota High School Coaches’ Association Competitive Cheer Coach of the Year. This honor reflects Coach Langerock's extraordinary dedication, superior coaching abilities, and her talent for inspiring and propelling her team to achieve greatness.

Since the inception of our competitive cheer program in 2017, under Coach Langerock's guidance, the team has consistently achieved remarkable success, finishing in the top six at the State championships every year. Their achievements include securing 3rd place in the inaugural year of 2017 and again in 2023, achieving 2nd place in 2021, and proudly earning 1st place in 2022. These accomplishments underscore the team's dedication, skill, and the high-quality leadership provided by Coach Langerock.

In addition to these impressive state championship placements, our team has been crowned the current Metro Conference Champions and ESD Conference Champions in 2023, maintaining a victorious streak in the ESD for the last six years. These consecutive wins highlight the team's dominant presence in competitive cheer and the effective mentorship of Coach Langerock.

Furthermore, the team has been honored with the Spirit of Six Award for sideline cheer in both 2017 and 2023. This accolade is awarded to teams who exemplify dedication and positive influence at state basketball tournaments, qualities that Coach Langerock has instilled in her team from day one.

Coach Langerock's recognition as Coach of the Year celebrates our commitment to athletic excellence and our mission to support our students' growth under the leadership of exceptional educators like Coach Langerock.

Please join us in extending congratulations to Coach Eve Langerock for this well-deserved recognition. Her dedication, passion, and innovative approach to competitive cheer have made a significant impact on our students and have raised the bar for coaching excellence in South Dakota. We are #TigerProud!