Harrisburg High School wrapped up an extraordinary winter sports season, marked by remarkable achievements across various competitions. From powerlifting to gymnastics, wrestling to basketball, our Tigers have showcased tenacity, skill, and unparalleled spirit, bringing home numerous titles and accolades. Let's dive into the highlights of this successful season.

Powerlifting Prowess

Our powerlifting team kicked off their inaugural season with an impressive showing at the Class AA State Championship. With athletes like Caleb Furry and Jared Bennett placing 2nd in their weight classes, along with Rylan Rodriguez, Lincoln Brandt, Conner Lagg, and Camden Fisher also securing top spots, the Tigers have firmly established themselves within the powerlifting community. This strong foundation promises even greater achievements in the seasons to come.

Gymnastics Grace

The Tiger Gymnastics Team soared to new heights, finishing as the Runner-Up at the South Dakota State AA High School Gymnastics Competition. Katelyn Maeschen led the way, becoming the State Champion on the Floor Exercise and the State All-Around Champion. With multiple gymnasts reaching the podium, including standout performances in vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise, the gymnastics team has truly set a high bar for future competitions.

Wrestling Warriors

boys wrestling
Photo courtesy Jon Klemme

In wrestling, both the girls' and boys' teams had impressive performances. Regina Stoeser continued her reign, winning her third straight State Championship in the 126 Pound Bracket. The girls' team, finishing Third Place as a team, saw additional podium placements from Hadley Bryant, Sammie Reil, Emerson Skoudas, and Rhiannen Heimdahl. The boys' team also showcased their talent, with Tristan Stoeser, Tyler Wurth, Tayge Privett, and Logan O’Connor earning their spots on the podium, underscoring the depth and skill within our wrestling program.

Basketball Brilliance

girls basketball
Photo courtesy Jon Klemme

Our basketball teams have proven their mettle on the court, with the girls' team finishing 4th and the boys' team securing 3rd place at their respective South Dakota State AA Basketball Tournaments. Jaylee Hofer and Abigail Flanagan from the girls' team, along with Jacoby Mehrman and Maddox Plack from the boys' team, were recognized for their outstanding performances by being named to the All-Tournament Teams. Jacoby Mehrman also received the prestigious Spirit of Su Award, a testament to his excellence on the court, in the classroom, and in the community.

boys basketball
Photo courtesy Jon Klemme

Spirited Cheer

Photo courtesy Jon Klemme

The Tiger Basketball Sideline Cheer Squad brought home the Spirit of Six Award for the second consecutive year, a tribute to their enthusiasm, dedication, and spirit that uplifts both the players and the fans. The cheerleaders have become an integral part of our school's sports culture, spreading positivity and school spirit.

As we reflect on this successful winter sports season, we celebrate not just the victories and accolades but the hard work, perseverance, and team spirit displayed by all our athletes and coaches. The Harrisburg High School community stands proud of our Tigers, and we eagerly anticipate what the next season will bring. Go Tigers!